Seeking Stripper Perspectives

Are you a dancer with opinions? (Is there any other kind?)

We want to put your voice in the spotlight! 

Work Safe Twerk Safe is seeking short nonfiction stories, essays, articles and opinion pieces composed by dancers. 

All pieces must be based on your own experiences, and the stories must be yours to tell. 

Writing for Work Safe Twerk Safe is a great way to share your perspectives with other dancers, promote yourself and shed light on an often misunderstood business.

Not sure where to start? Here are some writing prompts: 

  • Things I wish I had known when I started dancing
  • Tips for working harmoniously with other dancers
  • The first time I…
  • My happiest strip club memory 
  • Common misconceptions about strip clubs
  • What I keep in my gig bag or locker 
  • Things I’ve learned at the strip club
  • How stripping has changed me 
  • Politics in the strip club 
  • Review of movies or songs about stripper or strip clubs

Of course, the only limit is your creativity. Not sure if your topic is appropriate? Contact us to discuss it. 

Writers retain the publication rights to their work and are welcome to include tipping info in their piece. 

How to submit

Send us an email with a summary of your proposed topic or fully complete piece. In your email, tell us the name you wish to be publicly associated with the article, and what city you dance in. You may also include a photo to accompany your writing, if you have one for which you own the rights. 

Contact us today: 

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