Stripper Movie Night returns!

With the judicial review and then paying court costs, we haven’t been having as many social events lately as we would like. So we are excited to announce the return of Stripper Movie Night! We will be showing a movie this coming Sunday, May 29, at 8pm (Toronto time) via Zoom. If you’re getting tired of virtual events and would like to see some in-person events, come to the movie night to let us know – we have some ideas for getting back together in-person this summer, too.

As usual, the movie is a surprise, but will be about or significantly feature strippers in some way. Also as usual, there are a few screening questions with the registration link ( ) to ensure that we keep a stripper- and sex worker-friendly space for movie night. So make sure to register in advance so that we can send you the link.

This event is open to strippers as well as those who work or have worked in other sex industry sectors and professions. As always, feel free to share with your current or past dancer or other sex worker colleagues. Since this is an online event, feel free to share with your stripper peers in other provinces or countries as well! 

Please note: we’re aware that, because of quarantine, you might not be alone during the screening – you might have a partner, roommate or family member watching with you or in earshot. We ask that your close ones enjoy the film, but refrain from participating in the discussion afterwards. 

Our discussion following the movie will also be about events people would like to have over the summer, and advocacy people are interested in over the year. So any ideas are welcome!

We hope to see you there!

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