Legal action update 7: Exciting news!

Photo by Levi Guzman on Unsplash

We are feeling excitement and anticipation, and some nervousness, about the latest developments in our legal action.

Our factums have been filed, our affidavits have been allowed to be anonymous, and our legal counsel, Naomi Sayers has been busy with a team of law students working on preparing for our next step, court. Part of this work has included considerable time and effort dedicated to preparing for cross-examinations – only recently have we found out that the government is actually not cross-examining us, which has only meant more time and effort from our counsel and students to pivot towards the different preparation that is now required.

The most exciting news of the moment is that our court date has now been fixed – it is happening October 4, 2021!

We are very thankful to those who have already donated to our GoFundMe, which has so far (as of September 4, 2021) raised $2,935. But, we need more!

There remain a number of expenses to be covered between now and then, including: filing documents to the court, which is required and has a cost every time (e.g., the latest was $608 fee for the perfection of an application, which our lawyer described as the “all docs filed, all ready to go” fee), and related costs to our lawyer’s office; and stipends for student researchers, of whom there have been quite a few.

To this end, we are launching a 30-day social media fundraising campaign as a countdown to our court date on October 4. The campaign will include information on what we’re doing, the positions we hold, the issues involved, and the arguments we are making in our legal action. It will be complemented by more posts about these things on our website.

Follow along by following us on Twitter, retweeting our campaign tweets, reposting this post on other social media, and of course, donating! There are now 2 ways to do this – our GFM for donations related to this judicial review, and a new Donate page for general donations for our events and website (there, you can also find out more about what we do with the money we get).

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