Tax and Financial Literacy Workshop for Sex Workers

Join us Thursday, March 18 at 4pm EST via Zoom. Click here to register! Please note that this workshop is applicable to and open only to current and former Canadian sex workers.

Join us for a financial literacy workshop for current and former sex workers of all kinds- strippers, escorts, cam girls, and all other sexy hustlers welcome! Our workshop leader has spent many years in “the biz”, and is understanding of our specific needs (and anxieties) when it comes to navigating financial services. Our goal is to help you make effective and informed decisions about your finances!

Learn how to file your taxes as a sex worker, why it’s important to file, and how to figure out your RRSP limits. In the financial literacy portion, you’ll learn about better investment options, including the rule of 72, and information about the probate process.

This event is free and open to sex workers only!

Please respect the confidentiality concerns of our colleagues, share only with other sex workers! (No “civilians”/”squares”)

If you’re looking to file your taxes ahead of this event, or need financial advice, feel free to contact:

Janet (647) 773-7419

April 26 update: the sex work taxes resource referred to in the workshop can be found here – it is by PACE Society, a sex worker organization in Vancouver.

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