Surviving the February Funk: Winter Blues and COVID Self-Care Workshop for Sex Workers

We’re excited to announce that Lola Davina, author of Thriving in Sex Work and Thriving in Sex Work: Sex Work and Money, will join us again to lead our upcoming mental health workshop! Join us in a group workshop that will explore topics such as staying safe and sane during COVID. It’s winter, it’s cold and dark -many of us have been living with COVID restrictions for months that feel like years and we can’t do our regular winter self care routines as a result. (no vacations in the sun, no visiting with friends, no yoga classes, no quick jaunt to the local tanning salon) Learn how to incorporate self care into your routine in this challenging and exceptional time.

Join us on Monday, February 22, 7-9pm EST via Zoom

Register here!

This event is free, and open to current sex workers, who we’ll define here as sex workers who have worked up to the pandemic shutdowns- even if you’re on an extended covid hiatus. Please note that because of the sensitive nature of this workshop, we’re asking additional screening questions and taking privacy measures very seriously from our end and are asking you to do the same.

Please note: while we aim to build community and solidarity with our sex worker peers globally, priority will be given to Canadian sex workers. If you’re registering from outside of Canada, we love you, you can and should register, but you might have to wait a little longer for your registration to be approved. If you’ve registered but haven’t heard back from us by February 21, please email us at or DM us on Twitter @twerksafe

Please share the registration information with your sex work colleagues and sex working friends, but do not invite squares/civilians/muggles to participate!

All registrants will receive a free pdf copy of Lola Davina’s book, Thriving in Sex Work: Sex Work and Money. While we will focus on Covid and Winter self care in our workshop-this book will be helpful to those of us who dread the quickly approaching tax season!

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